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Email Solutions

On Your Desktop
Works with your favorite desktop software like Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, or any other POP/IMAP client.
On The Web
Login from any internet connection to send and receive mail or manage your calendar and tasks.
On Your Mobile
Sync mail and folders from Roar Business Email directly to your BlackBerry?, iPhone, Windows Mobile or other mobile devices.

1. Spam & Virus Protection
Each piece of mail subjected to 3 independent spam and virus scans keeping your systems safe from email-borne threats.
2. Ad-Free and Privacy Guaranteed
Unlike Free email address? We don't read your email and we never show you ads.
3. Easy Transition
Breeze through setup with the support of a dedicated Roar Support rep walking you through the necessary steps. Need your Blackberry, iPhone or HTC Windows Mobile device setup? We can help.
4. We Worry About Email For You
No longer worry about the day-to-day and week-to-week maintenance of your email system. That's our job. Instead, you can work on your business strategy... and other "business stuff".
5. 360° Outlook Backup
Access all contacts, calendar information, task lists and notes across your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.