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Server Hosting

Get that Extra Power!

When you choose a Gigabit dedicated server solution, you can be assured that your investment will be housed in an environment designed to enable it to operate to its maximum potential.

Our secure data centre environment gives your dedicated server access to a high-speed internet connection through multiple providers, 24/7 security, plus a fully redundant power system.

We're so confident in the resilience of our dedicated servers that we offer a 99.9% internet connectivity.

Based in Mal, in the heart of Asia, our two secure data centres house thousands of the latest web and mail servers, maintained 24x7 by our expert team of engineers.

Every possible consideration is made for dedicated servers to operate to their full potential, so they can deliver the highest possible levels of uptime and security.

Unrivalled connectivity - plugged directly to the backbone of the internet, every server enjoys a fully redundant Tier 1.

Why buy a Dedicated Server?

Our team of highly skilled technicians has been well trained to provide you with first class level of service. All you have to do is send us your instructions, and we'll handle all your firewall maintenance for you so you don't have to worry about any complexities involved.

Having our website up and running at all times is absolutely critical to our business. We learnt the hard way with a couple of hosting providers who promised the earth but couldn't come close. Fortunately, we made the switch to Gigabit and are simply thrilled to have experienced the kind of uptime we have. Hardly ever have we had to contact their customer support, but on the rare occasion that we had to, we have been bowled over by promptness, preparedness and professionalism of the support staff. In fact, we feel switching to Gigabit has been a strategic masterstroke!

1. Linux or Windows Platform

Suit yourself to your desired Operating System!! Whether you need a Linux Server or a Windows Server, TheGigabit provides a great service at an affordable rate. Choose it yourself, TheGigabit is currently offering:

2. Affordable Back-up Plan

Make sure your data is protected by backing up your server with our Dedicated Server Back-up option.

3. Complete Control

TheGigabit Dedicated Server provide you full root / administrative access control to your server.

4. Network Speed

TheGigabit provide Guaranteed Bandwidth to ensure all server running on top performance. TheGigabit have multiple-homing network which connected to famous ISP upstream around the world.

5. Control Panels

Simplify the set-up and maintenance of your domains and hosting services with our range of easy to use control panels.