Who We Are

“Since 2003, TheGigabit has grown to become one of the leading web hosting companies, by having the privilege of managing THOUSANDS of servers, housing over 1,200,000 sites to date. TheGigabit never stop innovating, upgrading and improving to serve you better ”

Gigabit Hosting Sdn Bhd, also known as TheGigabit was founded in year 2003 as a Web Hosting company incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company is best known for offering quality and affordable webhosting solution across the nation. TheGigabit offer One-Stop IT & Hosting Services including Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Clustered Servers, Virtual Servers, Server Co-Location, Web and Email hosting, Domain Name, SSL, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Online Securities such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Anti-DDoS, System Integration and IP Transit in Kuala Lumpur. We have now expanded our quality services to Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne and Los Angeles. We also pride ourselves with our awesome support and Multi-language support.

What makes TheGigabit different

Most of TheGigabit's employees have history up to 5 years or more working experience! Our team has been trained to ensure each personal to be attend to customer's different requests.

Professional Experience

Fantastic Network Uptime

600+ Private Peering

Cutting Edge Technology

Why Host with Us?

Why select TheGigabit? Besides having lightning fast & reliable web hosting, we'll give you 10 other reasons why you should choose us as your web hosting provider!

24 x 7 x 365 Customer Service

When you do get connected to one of our agents, you’ll be talking to a real expert who can help you right away.

Go Green!

We offer our users “greener” functionality through the more efficient use of computing resources, lowering our carbon footprint.

High Quality Hardware

When you host with TheGigabit Hosting, you can be sure that we’re using the best servers & equipment.

Uptime & Reliability

Our name wouldn’t be “TheGigabit” if we weren’t serious about uptime.

More Experience!

All of our founders and developers have had close to a decade worth of industry knowledge – you couldn’t be in better hands!

Affordable Packages

Our plans start at RM 40 per month and include everything you need to get started.

Simplified Management

We manage the network, the hosting platform and allow you to grow without making major changes to your existing hosting platform.

Datacenter Networks

TheGigabit’s network of servers are strategically placed in world-class datacenters throughout the Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong.


Thegigabit's Achievement


Gigabit Hosting Sdn Bhd (TheGigabit) is established. It kicked off with 3 highly motivated and passionate entrepreneurs.


TheGigabit established its own BGP network facilities , without rely on any reputable local ISP support. TheGigabit’s Network has the flexibility able to optimize the network routing and provides routing preference to the end customers. In addition, this allows TheGigabit to has full control of its own network and able to upgrade, expand, peer and fulfill requests accordingly. TheGigabit obtained its own first 2048 IPs from APNIC and its own AS Number.


Earliest Malaysia based company to provide public cloud services to the SME markets.


As TheGigabit had became one of the most trusted and chosen brand, there’re extraordinary demands from TheGigabit’s global customers. Hence, TheGigabit further expanded its business to second data center in Hong Kong to diversify the services to fulfill the customers’ demands. In Malaysia, TheGigabit expanded to a new data center to further serve its customers.


Obtained DELL partnership to provide full-fledged solutions from tip to toe to SME and large enterprise customers. This includes; system integration, hardware advisory, private cloud setup, consultancy and managed services. TheGigabit further expanded its International Network to Multiple 10Gbit. TheGigabit managed to achieve 100% consistent growth in revenue year to year (2008 – 2013).


TheGigabit expanded its services to Hong Kong. Here, TheGigabit formed a strategic partnership with China Telecom to further expand the services to Hong Kong and Mainland China market. In addition, TheGigabit further expanded its BGPetwork to Hong Kong to further provide a solid and stable network to serve this market.


Dell accredited TheGigabit as Platinum Dell Partner. In the same year, TheGigabit was awarded by Dell as Top 1 SMB Segment Solutions Provider Partner in Malaysia.


As the security threats such as DDoS, blackmail and ransomware are growing year to year; TheGigabit invested into Anti-DDoS & WAF on demand solution to provide network security enhancement to MNC, Large Enterprise, SMB, Banks and Governments.


TheGigabit partnered with Microsoft to deploy Azure Public Cloud in Malaysia. TheGigabit visited to Japan, Korea and US to further extend its business relationship with international companies to support its business needs. Thegigabit also received SME top 100 award in Malaysia.


TheGigabit launched a 2nd Data Center in Hong Kong. This data center is capable to provide 100Mbps per server.

Our Vision & Mission

“ Seamless Hosting At Your Convenience ”

We believe the satisfaction of our customers is our most important achievement. As our customer, we want you to experience good servers without being restless over the hardware and network downtime. We want your server to have a new place called ‘home’. With the best interest of our clients in mind, our actions are always focused on conversions and business growth.

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• Timeline
• Expansion & Locations
• Our Success
• Our Team

To become the most sensible, reliable and approachable company to work for and to work with in the industry.

To use our industry insights and domain experience to our advantage and provide innovative, high quality, superior and cost effective solutions that brings overall growth to our customers.

Deliver the Best
We Innovate continuously and enable others to perform the same.

Integrity, Trust & Strong Customer Relationship
Ensure we are as valuable to our customers as they are to us.

We solve challenges and bring success results to move forward.