Billion Centre @ Hong Kong

International TIER 3+ Compliant ISO Accredited Data Center

Floor Layout
Floor Type 600mm x 600mm x 400mm(H) nominal raised access floor with anti-static vinyl finish and 7.5kPa floor loading
Height of floor to ceiling beam Nominally 3.5m clear from slab to soffit of ceiling beam.
Power Supply:
Power to be delivered at 380 volts, 50 Hz, unless otherwise specified
Main supply 2 incoming supply from 2 different feeder (transformers) back up to each other (1+1 system)
Emergency Power General Lighting and Power from 2 generators system (1+1 system)
UPS 3kVA per rack from 2 nos. of communal UPS system with 20 mins standby and generator backup (Maximum 250kVA for datacenter 1 & 2)
AC Distribution 2 nos. of 18 ways plug-in (one duty and one standby) via Static Transfer Switch (STS) with 32A A/C power supply
Cable containment system 1 tier of 300mm(w) wire mesh cabling and 1 tier of fiber guide runner
Lighting The lighting at DC is 2x28W T5 fluorescent batten with polycarbonate cover (IP66) and operated via motion sensor. The lighting level is also in a range of 460 – 620 lux.
Clean Earth 1 no. of clean earth terminal per row of cabinets
Air Conditioning
  • Communal (N+1) Down flow CRAC.
  • Temp – 22deg C ± 2 deg C
  • Hum – 50% ± 10%
(Both conditions under customer full load condition)
Fire Protection
Fire Protection FM200 system
Fire alarm Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
Security Card Access Access for entrance door via card readers
CCTV 1 nos. of CCTV for all entrances and CCTV viewing from the front & back of racks.
Building Management System
BMS TMs provision will be controlled and monitored by TM only. No interface to tenant

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