What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed, immutable, continuously growing list of transparent transnational records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography.

Who should use Blockchain?

Medical / Healthcare


Financial & Banking

Cloud Storage


Smart Contract

Voting Systems

Digital Identity & Passports

TheGigabit's Advantages

  • Increase Trust
    An Immutable record can be relied and trusted by everyone, as it cannot be tampered.
  • Limits Risk
    Transparent records prevents tampering, fraud or cyber crime. Besides that, distributed ledger without central point of failure
  • Reduces Cost
    An autonomous system without middlemen reduces overheads.
  • Saves Time
    Transactions are quicker without middlemen
  • Increases Security
    Each transaction is securely encrypted
  • TheGigabit is one of the partner with one of the largest Blockchain technology in the world: NEM
  • Easy to use universal APIs
  • Private Nodes under TheGigabit’s infrastructure
  • Nodes can be added (more nodes = more securities) and replaced anytime (Backup Worry Free as Nodes auto sync with each other once Online)
  • Extremely secure as it uses Eigentrust++ and eliminates “Smart Contracts” risk by providing building block customization to NEM functionality – keeping application security in your hands instead of on the blockchain

Why Blockchain secure?

Every transactions and actions inside the Blockchain will be recorded. The records are distributedly store on multiple machine. So, every nodes inside the Blockchain network can verify the information.

Before implement Blockchain:

After implement Blockchain:

Blockchain allow to trace back every changes by the users in order to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of information.

Private Blockchain Recommended Spec

4 vCPU
500GB Data Transfer
Minimum Nodes = 5 units
Recommended Nodes = 9 units

* Varies Depends on Transaction/Data size

Start your Blockchain Journey with Us

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have an existing system, do I need to revamp my entire system?

    No, You do not need to. Part of your operation in which you require to utilize blockchain, then only that particular portion requires to be redesigned and pushed to blockchain.

    Do I need to push everything to blockchain?

    No, it depends on which data you need to have audit trails and to enjoy benefits from blockchain itself.

    What coding do I need to use if I am to implement it?

    Our blockchain API supports the majority of the coding in the world: Phyton, Java, C#, Typescript/Javascript, NodeJS, Ruby, PHP & Go.

    Do you have any further question about Private Blockchain? Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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