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True Cloud services with VMWare Platform

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vCloud Solution Plans

vCloud C2

Starting From

MYR 262/mth

Top Features:

2 vCPU Core

4GB Memory (RAM)

200GB Storage

1 IP Address

vCloud C4-16

Starting From

MYR 701/mth

Top Features:

4 vCPU Core

16GB Memory (RAM)

200GB Storage

1 IP Address

vCloud C16-32

Starting From

MYR 1,503/mth

Top Features:

16 vCPU Core

32GB Memory (RAM)

500GB Storage

1 IP Address

vCloud C90-512

Starting From

MYR 39,988/mth

Top Features:

90 vCPU Core

512GB Memory (RAM)

50,000GB Storage

1 IP Address

For customization specifications, please contact us further for more information.

  • Accepted Payments:

What you can get from

TheGigabit vCloud Solution

Server Specifications
Modal R7525
Processor AMD EPYC 7552 48 Cores* 2
Memory (RAM) 768GB
Storage Space 1.92TB (SSD) * 5
VSAN usable space 35TB Full Flash
VSAN Mirror Copy 2
Anti Data Latency & Packet Lost

We know the importance of data storage to your business. Other than large enough data storage & capacity, data latency or packet lost will never be on sight.

High Performing Environment

Higher performing environment can be achieved with full flash virtual storage area network (VSAN) & your business performance can be boosted up!

Data Accessibility

Data consistently available can be achieved with TheGigabit VSAN mirror copy. Data accessibility wherever & whenever never be a concern.

All Plans Inclusive

One Virtual Data Center for One Client

You will be able to customize your own network within our virtual data center & make connection within your own pool of virtual machines (VM).

Easy Resources Management via Portal

You may able to manage your own resources & connect to your own VM within the Portal. All these actions inclusive of your team is able to increase and decrease resource such as CPU/RAM/Storage/IP by their own within their resources allocated.

Support Own Network Configuration

Our vCloud allows you to have full control of how you require to design an internal network between the VMs to match your organization’s process requirements.

Self Defined Firewall

In your Virtual Data Center, you can self defined Firewall with basic features such as Port Blocking, Port Forwarding, NAT & VPN.

Disaster Recovery via Veeam

With Veeam agent, GigaCloud is able to perform both restoration to DR site and undo restoration when the source host is available.

So, what is Veeam ?

Trustable 4 in 1 solutions (backups, replicas, storage snapshots & CDP replicas) to achieve faster & more flexi recovery as well as data retentions options. It has secure ransomware protection too. 

Unified monitoring & reporting across on-premises, cloud & remote agents
Capacity planning & forecasting to keep your IT needs in check

Cracking Up Veeam

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
Immediate Data Recovery
Fast, application-aware & image-based backups
Sub-minute RPO & fail over to the latest state instantly

Need more? Sure!

Object Storage via S3 Protocol

Products add on such as Object Storage are available via S3 Protocol for various usage.

3rd Party Products

3rd party products from vendors are available for deployment within vCloud Solution

  • Fortinet VA Firewall
  • Sophos VA Firewall
  • F5 Load Balancer
  • KEMP Load Balancer

Tips to take along

Why your business need to

Go On Cloud

Easier Future Planning

Still thinking of purchase & keep additional servers, storage & licenses for future business expansion? Try Cloud services instead! You can get additional storage space & features whenever you need them, just upgrade your package within minutes.  

Effective Backups

Once disaster arise can lead to permanent data loss if no backup storage in place. On Cloud, data will always be available as long as users have an internet connection. Backup can be done on cloud as disaster recovery.  


Cloud solution gives you & your employees the flexibility to work from any location. You can monitor the operations in your business effectively on real time updates of all the operations.

Efficient Collaboration with Instant Data Access

Cloud solutions make it easier to access & retrieve data even in the middle of the night & while you are travelling. You can also edit or remove your data remotely via Cloud services.

Cost Effective 

Other than reduce spending on physical equipment, utilities, maintenance, with Cloud, operating costs will be significantly minimized as the Cloud is a pay-per-use service. You will only pay for those features that your business used.

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