Our Core Solutions

Cloud Hosting

We provide PAY PER USE Cloud hosting designed with High Availability & Full Redundancy architecture giving you the flexibility to scale as your business grows.

Dedicated Server

We provide branded flexible, powerful industry standard dedicated server – accessed solely by you.


We offer co-location with delivery services- directly from your doorstep to our premium data centers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

We protect your network from all types of attacks up to 500Gbps. Your business is protected with our 5mins Ultra Speed detection system with automated mitigation up to Layer 7 filtering 99.9% of web attacks. Our WAF application protects you from cyber attacks & web threats.

IP Transit

We offer the best internet transit, Multi-BGP Network, over 10 upstream providers & over 1,000 private peerings & best of all, we have the best premium route to Asia for your business needs.

Backup & DR Solution

We offer co-location with delivery services- directly from your doorstep to our premium data centers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

We backup & implement disaster recovery plan for your company data locally or geographically in different countries achieving High resiliency.


Welcome to TheGigabit

Founded since year 2003, we are an Internet hosting company incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We offer full-suite of high quality & affordable One-Stop IT & Hosting services, ranging from Cloud Servers, Disaster Recovery & Backups to Network Security Solutions.

With overseas presence with strategic locations in Hong Kong, Taiwan & Malaysia. (POP in Korea, Japan, Dubai, London & Los Angeles) We are an upcoming & unstoppable force that will propel in I.T industry.


To provide Giga internet hosting solutions to every Bit of Entrepreneurs’ needs with trust, passion & commitment.



1) Environment awareness

  •  To  commit to be an environmentally friendly company by going towards low energy consumption in Data Center operations with latest technology while digitizing business.


2)  Customers Centric

  • Enhance customer’s business through personal consultancy with a passionate heart and enlighten customers to get in touch with hosting services.


3)  Information Correctness

  •  To always keep our clientele’s highest interest with in-depth knowledge and communications for both IT & non-IT personnel with accurate and precise information.


4)  Value Creation

  • To consistently create, attain and extend maximum value to all customers and stakeholders.


5) Align with Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (2021)

  • We are committed to provide infrastructure as a service for market to rely on, enabling more companies to deliver creative digital transformation solutions that work for end users.


Employees Empowerment

Empower, train & inspire our team members to bring out their full potential.


We are passionate to provide further miles IT solutions services with understanding & provide bespoke consultations.

We are Family

We emphasize on allyship, we support each other, we grow & we thrive together.

People Centric

Work life harmony, work hard play hard, respect and empathy with anyone, that’s our core.


from Others

Our team experiences speak everything.


Most of us have more than 5 YEARS OF INDUSTRY EXPERIENCES. We are TRAINED to attend to & exceed customer’s expectations.

Our practicality is what differentiate us.

We have proven infrastructure that makes us HIGHLY SCALABLE.

We have 1,000 OVER PRIVATE PEERING and the number is growing.

We offer DIRECT ENGINEERS SUPPORT without going through customer service.

Our NETWORK ARE CONTINUOUSLY DEVELOPING since 5 years ago without relying on any 3rd parties for our BGP peering, multiple routers & fibre uplinks.

Demand for the


we are the RIGHT CHOICE.

We understand & drive your business to excel

Over 70% of our employees have more than 5 years of solid hosting industry professional experiences.

We currently presence in MALAYSIA, HONG KONG & TAIWAN. (POP in Korean, Dubai, London, Japan & Los Angeles)

We currently housing more than 3,000 DEDICATED SERVERS across 5 Data Centers in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

We serve more than 2,000 customers worldwide.

We are one of the largest network backbone capacities & number of IP’s addresses for hosting providers in Malaysia.

We have 24/7 Network Operating Centers & Security Operations Centers.

Our Roadmap

TheGigabit Achievements


Web Hour Enterprise was established.


Company name was rebranded to GIGABIT Hosting Sdn Bhd (TheGigabit).


Setup own BGP Network & AS. Full control on its own network. Obtained first 2048 IPs from APNIC & its own AS Number.


Earliest Malaysia based company to provide public cloud services to the SME markets.


Dell accredited as Platinum Partner. Dell awarded Top 1 SMB Segment Solutions Provider Partner in Malaysia.


2nd Data Center in Hong Kong. In Malaysia, expanded to a new data center


Obtained DELL partnership to provide full-fledged solutions to SME and large enterprise customers. Expanded International Network to Multiple 10Gbit.


Expanded the services to Hong Kong. Forming a strategic partnership with China Telecom to further expand to Hong Kong & Mainland China market. Expanded BGP network.


Invested into Anti-DDoS & WAF, provide network security enhancement to MNC, Large Enterprise, SMB, Banks & Governments sector.


Partnered with Microsoft to deploy Azure Public Cloud in Malaysia. Received SME top 100 award in Malaysia.


3rd Data Center in Hong Kong – High density with higher capacity of bandwidth. Our core network infrastructure POP in Hong Kong. Fit approx. 236 racks and 20,000 servers.


Awarded by Dell as Top Global, Compute & Network Partner 2018 (SMB Segment). Expanded to Taiwan & built direct connectivity point to point from Malaysia <-> Hong Kong <-> Taiwan


Launched vCloud Server with VMWare technology. Opened a direct 1G connectivity to Google.


Received award by Dell as Top Data Center & Compute Partner in Medium Business Segment. In Malaysia, further expanded to entire Data Center suite in AIMS, 11th Floor. In Taiwan, expanding into 2nd Data Center.