SmarterMail Enterprise Email Hosting

Alternative Biz Email Platform for Microsoft Exchange

SmarterMail Enterprise Plans

Premium email solution with affordable price, get rid of the junk emails and emails attached with virus & Malware in no time.

SmarterMail Basic

Suitable for Startup

MYR 350/yr

Top Features:

  • 20GB Storage Space
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • SmarterMail Access

Also Includes:

  • UNLIMITED Data Transfer
  • 1 Domain Hosted
  • FREE access to all SmarterMail features

SmarterMail Essential

Suitable for SME

MYR 750/yr

Top Features:

  • 100GB Storage Space
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • SmarterMail Access

Also Includes:

  • UNLIMITED Data Transfer
  • 1 Domain Hosted
  • FREE access to all SmarterMail features

SmarterMail Deluxe

Suitable for SME Deluxe

MYR 1,300/yr

Top Features:

  • 200GB Storage Space
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • SmarterMail Access
  • 1 Dedicated IP

Also Includes:

  • UNLIMITED Data Transfer
  • 1 Domain Hosted
  • FREE access to all SmarterMail features

SmarterMail Premium

Suitable for Enterprise

MYR 2,500/yr

Top Features:

  • 400GB Storage Space
  • 200 Email Accounts
  • SmarterMail Access
  • 1 Dedicated IP

Also Includes:

  • UNLIMITED Data Transfer
  • 1 Domain Hosted
  • FREE access to all SmarterMail features
  • Accepted Payments:

Cracking Up SmarterMail

What is in SmarterMail?

SmarterMail Solution for Desktop & Mobile

Looking for full-feature email, group chat & team collaboration? SmarterMail is here for you. Affordable & functional business need email, ideally for SME, Enterprise, ISPs & hosting companies.


SmarterMail support version:

    • Outlook 2019
    • Outlook 2016
    • Office 365 Outlook
    • Mac Outlook

Just like Microsoft Outlook, Exchange or Office 365, you can have Public folders, Contact Groups, Create & Manage Rules & more. Did we mention that SmarterMail is compatible for Outlook Mac as well?

Need on MOBILE ? No problem! Whether you are using iOS or Android, even Windows phone or tablets, SmarterMail can sync quickly & easily.

SmarterMail Security

Other than industry standard spam filtering & enterprise-level antivirus, SmarterMail offer easily integrations with enterprise-level solutions such as Cyren Zero-Hour Outbreak Detection, MessageSniffer & it is flexible enough to allow additional third-party products & services or even security appliances to be used in any corporate email.


Effective & self-updating virus protection always in place, while never left out the details antivirus activity report which is available at the system, domain & even the user levels.

Other than ensure the email server is protected from viruses & malware, SmarterMail includes additional security features such as

  • Password policy enforcement
  • 2-Step Authentication
  • Authentication app support
  • Built-in Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • SSL/TLS support
  • IP address access restrictions
  • Email harvest attack detection
  • DoS (Denial of Service) prevention
  • Brute force detection
  • Active Directory integration


Customized level of spam protection using varieties of industry-standard methods are compatible including greylisting, SPF, DKIM, RBLs, URIBLs & blacklist/whitelist. Third-party antispam products, service & appliances can also integrate with SmarterMail.

For System Administrators managing multiple mail servers, achieve consistent & existing set of antispam options on every mail server is possible by configure a set of antispam option in one server & export those rules then import into another SmarterMail server.

Concern about accessibility, SmarterMail web interface allows System administrators access all security features using any web browser. All antispam settings contained in a single JSON file, so it is easily transfer to all SmarterMail servers that is secured & managed consistently.

Desktop & Mobile Webmail

Access every SmarterMail feature using any browser in both desktop & mobile, without any app installation needed.

Email smartermail

Email Additional Features

  • Disposable addresses creation
  • On demand content filtering
  • Domain-level & custom signatures
  • Email organization plus addressing
  • Compliance footer & disclaimers

Schedule & Calendar

  • Attendee availability
  • Conference Room scheduling
  • Support different time zone
  • Display task start & end dates
  • Set recurring events
File Storage

File Storage

  • Easy sharing & integrated file storage eliminate large file attachments can be achieved.
  • Password & time limit for downloading the file can be setup too!
contact new

Contact Management

  • Support multiple phone numbers & email addresses
  • Contact Categories
  • Support Global address list
  • Track important dates
  • Support display pictures

Team Workspaces

  • Video conference up to 8 people
  • Unlimited voice & text chat
  • Inline file sharing
  • Password protection
  • Guest access
  • Pinning & removing attendees

Group Chat

  • XMPP / Jabber server
  • Voice & video chat
  • File sharing
  • Private & secure
  • Immediate archiving
  • Downloadable group chat history

Need more from SmarterMail ? Sure !

User Friendly & Effective Administrative Interface

With SmarterMail, simple task can be hands off to domain administrators & freeing up system administrator for more important task in keeping the server stable & secured. Furthermore, SmarterMail is completely API-driven – means, task can easily be automated. Further simplifying server administration can be achieved with integrations between management application & control panel.

Team Collaboration

SmarterMail makes it easy to work together with team members, customers & partners via webmail.

Collaboration features :

  • Shared contacts, calendars (departments or organization), tasks & notes
  • Group chat via text, audio or video
  • Team Workspace for internal & external
  • Conference room scheduling

Worry Not !

We provide Premium Support 24/7/365

Need help ? Our support team is available around the clock to ensure you get the assistance you need.

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    Some common questions you might ask

    SmarterMail is a Web-based mail program developed by SmarterTools. The Web-based interface allows you to manage your email users as well as send, receive and store email information. SmarterMail has an easy to use interface that includes Spam filters as well as multi-language support.

    Yes. As long as your computer has a connection to the Internet you are able to log into the SmarterMail Web interface to access your email accounts.

    The disk space given by TheGigabit is total disk space for entire domain. We do not limit by per user disk space. For example, if your package is 100GB disk space but you only have 20 users. You may set each user to have 5GB disk. Or you may also set by, sales to have 50GB and other department to have 2GB only.

    Our SmarterMail servers are configured to allow POP3 connections from 3rd party programs like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird. Our premium mail server allows for IMAP connections as well as POP3 connections. However, we do not encourage users to use 3rd party application as it is prone to injection due to unpatched or outdated 3rd party application.