CHIEF @ Taiwan

International TIER 3+ Compliant ISO Accredited Data Center

Telecom Center
Supported by Abundant network resources, connectivity, bandwidth, IPv4 & IPV6
Power System
Battery Room High efficiency & performance battery groups provide emergency power supply
UPS Room Designed with redundant wiring loops, N+1 backup system. Providing complete backup of power supply.
Diesel – Generators N+1 diesel generators provide emergency power supply
Noise insulations Professional design provides shock absorbing, acoustic insulation & venting tunnels
HV/LH Power Station Room Dual physical incoming power supply from public power station – Nei-Hu & Ming-Chuan Stations. Private power transformer station & first grade power distribution system.
Power Bus Duct 6000A/ 3000A/ 2000A/ 1000A (Class F), protects power transmission lines from corrosion, dusts & fire.
Fire Protection
Fire Alarm System 4 hours battery backup.
VESDA system (Very Early Smoke Detecting Alarm) Ionized particle & photo-electrical detector. R-Type used to find out which detector is sending alarming signals on the Central Monitoring System.
Fire Protections FM-200 gas auto fire extinguisher system
Escaping system Emergency lighting with local battery back up (2 hours) on every exit
Environmental Control System
Connection Can connect to other system such as UPS, Battery, Generators, A/C Water Tank
Monitor Temperature, humidity, water & fuel leakage, fire & smoke, power switching, battery voltage, security entrance
Security All information is recordable. Connected to automatic pager & call out system. Every monitored item has alarming system
Air Conditioning System
Air-Cond N+2 design. 20T*5 (3+2) design. Dual-run of cooling pipes & compressors. Computerized thermostatic & humidity chamber.
Security System
Security System Multi-level security traps, 24x7 security officers
CCTV Continuous taped CCTV monitoring
Access Electronic & biometric access locks & personalized access

Photo Gallery

HV/ LH Power Station Room

Battery Room

Network Operation Center

Chief Telco Rooms

Network of International & domestic operators are all gathered & interconnected.

Air-Intake with Noise Insulations

UPS Room

FM-200 Controller

Meet-Me area

Interconnection between domestic & international carriers.

Power Bus Duct

Diesel – Generators

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detecting Alarm)