MEGA Two @ Hong Kong

International TIER 3+ Compliant ISO Accredited Data Center

Data center description
Building Industrial purposed-build data center
Datacenter Class TIA942 Santandard T3 data center
Data center area (GFA) approximately 520,000 sqt ft
Floor height 5 M
Floor loading 10-12 kPa
Capacity Occupy upto 6,000 server racks
Rack Size 42U, 45U, 47U
Data Center ISO certificate ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 20000
Cooling system
CRAC N+2 CRAC hot & cold Aisle
Chillers plant Dual distribution paths through dual feed
CRAC Independent chiller risers
Temperature N+2
  • 22 +/- 2°C
  • 50 +/- 10%
Surveillance monitoring 24 hours surveillance (CCTV) with digital recording
Building security 7x24x356 entrance security guards to control access
Access control 7x24x356 access control system
Data center power supply
UPS 2N UPS configuration with 15Minutes battery backup
Power connection Dual power feeds UPS A+B
Voltage 220 V / single phase, 50 Hz
Rack Power
  • Standard power zone not more than: 4kVa
  • High power zone not more than: 9kVa
Generator sets 2N design
Backup diesel N+1, 4 hours diesel backup
STS and PDU 2N
Data Center Services
NOC 24*7*365
BMO 24*7*365, every 6hours check routine
Remote Operation
  • 24*7*365
  • FREE server reboot
  • FREE servers and parts reception
  • managed services requires additional charges

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