Hybrid Cloud Solution

Connect your existing critical systems or sensitive data running in
your own infrastructure

What is Hybrid Cloud Solution?

Worry about your data not passing the PCI DSS requirement or security audit which enforce your data to be stored locally but you also want to utilize and use the all-powerful cloud flexibility to your organization’s requirement? Fret not, TheGigabit offers a hybrid cloud solution in which you can connect your existing critical systems or sensitive data running in your own infrastructure while let TheGigabit handles the other workloads for you.

High Speed Cloud Servers

This model allows you to optimize the network to minimize latency and make it easier for data to get where it needs to be. You can also take advantage of cloud architectures to further increase speed and locate crucial services closer to end users, whether by offloading non-critical operations to the public cloud or configuring the network to handle only critical traffic!

High Scalability at Low Cost

With hybrid cloud architectures, you have the best of both worlds of cloud computing and your infrastructure setup. Critical data, assets, and operations can continue to reside in your infrastructure, and you can now leverage the expansive power of cloud computing to quickly and efficiently increase your operational capacity.

Full Control

Rather than entrusting all aspects of IT infrastructure to us, you can customize your own cloud model to your specific needs and adjust them accordingly!

You are able to retain control of critical operations and deal with day-to-day management of servers and other infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Hybrid model allows you not taking risks with customers’ data or with their own proprietary data and assets – as the data and critical systems are still connected to your own infrastructure. A public cloud model has more chance for threats and attacks as everything is accessible through the internet.

Efficient Costs

The scalability of a hybrid cloud allows you to save more cost in the long-run, in comparison to a purely private cloud, which can be extremely expensive to both update and expand over time. More importantly, you can mitigate the potentially ruinous cost, migrating between providers.

Combining TheGigabit’s services with hybrid cloud

More importantly, by storing critical data in the private portion of a hybrid network, you can mitigate the potentially ruinous cost of migrating assets from one cloud provider to another (or worse, having to find a new provider quickly should an existing partner go out of business).

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