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So, what is Domain?

Think of Domain Name as in your store name or brand name. Then, why it is named as Domain at the first place? Well, just think of it as industry jargon will do.


Let’s say, your business registered as ABC Sdn Bhd, while your physical store is DEF Organic Café, then what should be your online store name? As the store owner, you may think that online store name might not be that important, I can always register a new Domain name (as long as I’m willing to spend on it). So, you named your online store as GHI Café & you bought the domain name

A Few Moments Later

Marketing personnel being asked to prepare a plan on how to promote the company & brand. Well, what we are referring to company & brand, we are talking about, ABC Sdn. Bhd., DEF Organic Café, & GHI Café. In other words, the marketing personnel will need to promote 3 different brands name into the market. For big corporation, is not really a big issue, you have all the marketing resources. How about SME business? The most important issue is, do you think that your customer will remember your company & brand name?

Tips to take along when register for Domain Name & Top-Level Domain (extension)

  1. Think of your business / store name
  2. Think of how you want to position your brand name in the future before you purchase the domain name.
  3. Check whether your store name is available to register as a domain name
  4. You may want to purchase more top level domain name such as & to prepare your business for future expansion while the extension is still available.

Why a domain name is very important?

Your domain is the first step to a successful online presence. With your domain name, you can create your website & have an email address with your company name. You may also presence your business to the online world with your email address.

Easy to Connect your Domain with Hosting

You can have full control over your Domain Name System (DNS). With just a few clicks, you may point your domain to your hosting & connects you users to the site, while keeping your domain online. Furthermore, you can change any records you require including CNAME, MX, TXT & SRV.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some common questions you might ask

    Domain registration is to purchase your website name or identity. For example; when you visit our web page, you will type:, in this case, is a domain name. Domain names create an identity for you and your visitors to visit your webpage by typing your own domain name.

    With a domain name, you can direct customers, prospective customers, and friends to anywhere you want on the web like a website, social page, blog, or ecommerce store. A domain name is often the most important part of your brand.

    Your domain is registered as soon as you order it, but it can take between 24 and 72 hours for it to appear online.

    TheGigabit offer hundreds of domains from the classic .COM, .NET and .ORG to country specific domains like .JP, .CH or .SG and newer domain extensions like .TRAVEL, .CLUB, .WORKS and .MEDIA. It's often a good idea to register more than one domain extension to protect your brand or idea.

    Start at the domain finder tool search bar mentioned above. Once you've selected the domain name you like, you can buy it by registering it and making sure it's aimed at the hosting account you've chosen.