Does Website Design Matter?

Does Website Design Matter?

“Web design determines whether a website audience has a positive or negative experience while browsing your site, directly affecting how they perceive your business’s brand as a whole.”

Does Website Design Matter?

Online presence is like a ticking bomb for most big or small businesses and organizations. With most people using websites as their marketing medium and some using it as a stepping stone to build online presence, there are many things to look into before putting the website upfront. Without a doubt, web design is one of the steps that must be looked into as you build a website of your own. If you are about to create your website, you might wonder why web design is important and what is the significance of having a good web design.

Your website’s web design matters as it will attract the attention of your target audience. A successful website has all the components, such as leads, sales, or page views. The proper web design will assist you in achieving goals, regardless of the metric you choose to concentrate on. Web design determines whether a website audience has a positive or negative experience while browsing your site, directly affecting how they perceive your business’s brand as a whole.

But does it really matter though? Here’s why you should care about your web design:

    • 1. Brand Impression
      The advantages of having a great website design include making a good first impression to your audiences. Your web page visitors are not only your customers but also your potential customers. With this impression, this will assist the rank on search engines like Google, making your business or organisation deem trustworthy and approachable. In like manner, this aids with lead generation and conversion, allowing your brand to compare yourself to competitors.
    • 2. Brand Consistency
      As you use websites to expand your business, one of the many ways web design can help leverage your brand is through consistency. Brand recognition and awareness are encouraged by effective web design. This can be accomplished through consistent logos, fonts, and color schemes. Audience or any website visitors can be sure that they are dealing with the legitimate company because of this.
    • 3. Brand Reputation
      The look and functionality of your website can give visitors insight into how trustworthy and serious you are as a business brand. A brand that cares about its customers will not only provide attractive but also a responsive website. If you deliver the best possible digital experience, most of them will continue to visit you whenever they require a service you provide. However, a website that is poorly designed will question your company’s legitimacy as a result of such a design. The result will be low website traffic, high bounce rates, and poor conversion rates.
    • 4. Brand Experience
      Through your website, your customers and potential customers will experience your brand digitally. Every aspect of your website must be thoughtfully designed in order to improve user experience including logo, your website’s look and feel, as well as your services information. Business could be destroyed by poor responsive design or unfriendly web design.

With all the things a website can do to your brand what are the important things to take note when designing. Let’s examine it:


    • 1. Loading Time and Functionality
      How long does it take for your website to load after someone clicks a link on social media or in search engine results? Speed and loading time are important factors to take into account when designing a website. The best responsive websites should be easy to navigate, have search bars that are simple to find the products or services, and are desktop and mobile friendly. With that, the menu items on the website should be easily accessible from any page, and simple to navigate. The website should always make it clear to the viewer where they are on the page or how to get there.

    • 2. Content & Visual Appeal
      Content serves as the foundation of your website. The majority of visitors to your website come to it for information because of its content, which is also a key factor in search engine positioning. The text on your website should be clear, concise, and informative. More than anything else, well-written web copy and content will increase the popularity, effectiveness, and engagement of your website.Using excellent graphics is a good way to increase the appeal of your website because people are visual creatures. Everyone has an emotional response to visual elements, whether consciously or unconsciously, and good design naturally attracts viewers. Research has repeatedly shown that users judge your company’s website quickly based solely on the graphics and frequently stop using it if it is poorly designed. This is especially true when it comes to the creation of your website. About one-tenth of a second is given to your website to make an impression on visitors and potential clients and demonstrate the reliability and professionalism of both your website and, indirectly, your business.

    • 3. Informative
      A truly effective website design grabs the attention of your visitors right away, keeps it throughout each page, and persuades them to get in touch with you. Not all website visitors have the time or interest to browse the entire page. They might only require access to a particular piece of information, such as a phone number or address. Because of this, it’s crucial to put important information in a location that’s easy to find. We’ve all encountered situations where we couldn’t find what we were looking for on a website, which left us all feeling frustrated. An unsatisfied visitor won’t stay on your website for very long and is unlikely to return because of their user experience.

Ultimately, a great web design is more than just aesthetics. On things like search engine optimization, the way designs are produced behind the scenes can have a big impact. Any successful online business must have both reliable web hosting and attractive websites. While it is easy to look for separate companies for web hosting and website design, communicating your website needs between two providers can cause major headaches; instead, here at TheGigabit, we are a ONE-STOP WEB SERVICE COMPANY, we have years of experience creating high-performing websites. Email us [email protected] for more information today!