Separated Web & Mail Server?

Separated Web & Mail Server?

“…while you can’t seal the deal because it is not official enough without using the company email. At the same time, you need spend on getting your website up. Your website e-commerce store cannot be found…”


Here are the common web hosting packages will look like,


Web Hosting Package

X GB of Disk Space
X Number of Email Accounts
X Bandwidth Transfer
X Free Domain
RM X / year


You will see that the packages included X number of amounts of Email Accounts. Which represent that you can host your website and email together, when you purchase this package. This is due to, provider can save cost of hardware, electricity and bandwidth when both services are using the same share server. However, under this circumstance, it is unavoidable that you face issues when both web service and email service under the same single server.


Risk that clientele will face with same web & email server


1. Server IP addresses blacklisted, email can’t reach recipients’ inbox


Commonly, website is develop using open source CMS such as WordPress or custom-made PHP codes. However, CMS or PHP web development is both at risk of getting hijacked/injected with Malware if it is not constantly maintained (Security Patches, Engine Upgrades, Plugins Patches, Code Security Revision).


Let’s face it, have you subscribed to website maintenance packages? Generally, most customers don’t for as long as the website is not down and still running.


The most critical issue is that once your website is injected, the injected web will be used as a medium of spamming to other emails in the worlds. It doesn’t affect your website uptime, nor affect the website accessibility. However, at the end of the day, your server IP address will be blacklisted. Once the IP is blacklisted, you will have difficulty in sending emails to recipients as their anti-spam will block your mail from reaching into their inbox.


Just imagine, you are having an important business deal pending partner to send over a contract for signing. But because the website is being injected by Malware, server IP address is being blacklisted, partner’s email cannot get through your inbox, while you can’t seal the deal because it is not official enough without using the company email. At the same time, you need spend on getting your website up. Your website e-commerce store cannot be found because the website is down and at the same time, your other businesses also got affected, how serious and hassle is that?


2. Sharing is not always caring, hijacked the whole server

Even you have a team constantly securing your website and maintaining it well, your email is still prone to the issue no. 1 due to your email is in the share server with other users. Which means, the other users website got hijacked/ injected with Malware, your server IP address also will get blacklisted.


3. Hassle continues, Mail Queue Jam

Eventually, once the injected issue is not solved, the mail server will be getting more and more incoming and outgoing email. These mails will be delayed or stuck. It is either reaching the recipient late or no show at all. During a spamming event, the mail queue will be flooded by thousands of emails, causing the mail queue to jam.


At TheGigabit’s, our web hosting packages definitely will look the same if you compare it with other providers. However, we will ensure that clientele web hosting and email hosting is hosted under a separated server.


Hence, here is how TheGigabit design an infrastructure of shared hosting where web server and email server are separated, even if it is shared hosting. Definitely, you may ask, isn’t this causing cost increment on TheGigabit’s side? Well, yes, but we are committed to deliver the best services with the greatest value to you!


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